Feeling Right at Home at The Bonnie’s B&B

by Nicci Carnaggio

The Bonnie is great for so many reasons, although currently there is a new SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN, CLEAN reason to come on down and ‘Stay Awhile.’ Newfound Chef Michael Cane is the creative genius FullSizeRender (15)for this ‘something different’ in our hood. The Bonnie’s Brew & Bite is simply that fresh (and so clean, clean).

The first Wednesday of each month, a featured brewery is picked collaboratively and a menu is created by Chef Mike. He is matching great craft beers with delicious fresh minded dishes to best bring out the flavor of each unique brew.

The night I dropped by, the ROCKAWAY BREWING COMPANY was the featured beer. Something I noticed on the special Brew & Bite menu was a short bio of said brewers; it’s nice to go into a tasting with some knowledge of the how the brews your going to enjoy came to be.

Though it is unfair to brag and list the amazing food pairings I received with the brews, I can however FullSizeRender (14)provide a glimpse of the thoughtful ingredients that are to be expected. Good stuff like Bone marrow vinaigrette, Nasturtium, (An annual that produces beautiful flowers that are put to culinary use.) and Chicken Pot Pie with a pea tendril salad. Some finishing touches may include salted caramel and peanut butter. All good things.

The B & B is really something to look forward to every month. Once we are blasted with Summer it is recommended to make reservations and take full advantage of enjoying this special night in The Bonnie’s outside garden. Popular?? Have a million friends?? Thats just fine because groups are welcomed too! (Just don’t forget to make that reservation.) A prepared kitchen is a happy kitchen!

The Bonnie
29-12 23rd Ave. Astoria NY 11105
Brew & Bite
6-11 PM
Every 1st Wednesday of the month
3 Brews, 3 Bites

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