a food and cocktail pairing by Nicci Carnaggio

Herbaceous Celery Gin Sour

2 oz. Queens Courage Gin

1 celery stalk chopped

1 Tbsp. Bar Sugar (sugar alternative) coconut sugar, honey

1 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice

Dash Cinnamon

1 tsp. Italian flat parsley

*Garnish candied (make ahead) or fresh Flat leaf parsley SprigIMG_3674

Muddle in a 16oz mixing glass 1 celery stalk chopped, 1oz. fresh lemon juice, 1Tbsp. bar sugar (sugar alternative) coconut sugar or honey 1tsp. Italian flat parsley and a dash of cinnamon, fill glass with ice and add 2 oz. Queens Courage Gin. Shake vigorously and strain over ice filled Collins glass. Top with candied parsley.

*for candied Flat leaf Parsley Sprig whisk an egg white until frothy. Dip Parsley Sprigs 1 at a time into frothed egg white and lightly coat shaking off any excess. Roll in sugar and coat. To dry lay on paper towels and let set at room temp for 1 to 8 hours before using.

Wisdom is power: celery and parsley come from the same aromatic botanical family so this should be no surprise the two complement each other in this clean refreshing spring cocktail.

snackbar pairing: Herbed Frittata

This is great because this light hearted cocktail is perfect with your favorite variation of Frittata. I personally love adding leeks, dill & flat leaf parsley.

Serves 8

10 large organic eggs, lightly beaten

Salt and cracked pepper to taste

11/2 Tbsp. chopped fresh dill

11/2 Tbsp. chopped flat leaf parsley plus 1tbs for garnish

1tbs thinly sliced leek (white & light green parts only)

2 Tbsp. unsalted butter

8 oz sour cream

Preheat oven 350 F. Beat eggs with s/p leeks and herbs.

Melt butter in 10 inch oven proof skillet over medium heat until it starts to get foamy, coating bottom and sides. Add egg mixture. Place skillet in the oven for ten minutes.

Set aside and cool 5 minutes. Transfer to plate and top with remaining parsley. Add a dollop of sour cream per serving.

Done & Done!IMG_3634

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